3501-16 and 3501-20

3501-16 and 3501-20 standard tank sets for 1916-24 Big Twin models

Announcing NEW accurate detailed 3501-16 and 3501-20 standard tank sets for 1916-24 Big Twin models. For the first time since Harley Davidson designed the iconic tear drop style tank in 1925 will high quality “square” tanks be abundantly available. Replicant Metals has contracted renowned tool and die production teams to form and assemble the legendary “flat side” fuel and oil cell. More than two years have elapsed since the original disassembled sample was acquired, two years of reverse engineering and painstaking forming die workwas required for production. After deep draw pressing the 20 gauge steel panels the top layer was firmly spot welded to the main carcase.  Next the inner panels were welded in position to form the double wall vented chamber between oil and fuel cells. The inner panels are TIG welded into position and the top inner final seam is sealed. The bottom tank mount brackets are screwed in place and then sweated as original. All cast and machined brass hardware is soldered in place and top layer is sealed around its’ perimeter.

We tried to capture the differences in our photos of the two version that appear the same from a galloping horse. The 3501-16 fits 1916-19 models and is the more slender version, more than 1.5” narrower than the later version. And the brass filler bungs have more sculptured detail. When Harley Davidson introduced the larger version 3501-20 tanks for 1920-24 Twin models, the fuel carrying capacity was increased by more than half gallon which allowed for longer distances between fuel stops.

Each tank has been pressure tested and threads have been chased to assure exact fitment of OEM hardware or Replicant Metals replacement fuel caps, hand oil pump, check valve and petcocks. Tanks have been primed with automotive epoxy primer to maintain their pristine exterior surface. Always test fit to your frame with motor installed, but expect no difficulty. Then sand primer, apply minimal filler to meet your expectations of perfection and move to finish paint.

As always, if your machine deserves the best, you require Replicant Metals. Proudly produced by the finest metals smiths and craftsmen in the galaxy.


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