3703-36 and 3703-39 HD Front Fenders

3703-36 Front Fender (1936, 37 and early 38) UL+EL and 3703-39 Front Fender (1939-46) UL + EL

3703-36 and 3703-39 FRONT FENDERS are painstakingly recreated as Harley Davidson originally designed and engineered after the Great Depression. These fenders incorporate dynamic Art Deco features from the 1934-36 VL / RL AIRFLOW design with necessary manufacturing simplifications to meet growing global transportation demands. This was the decade that established the hallmark Harley Davidson look that exists until present day.

REPLICANT METALS has enlisted one of the foremost tool and die teams in the galaxy so we can offer the finest clone in history of these iconic fenders.

Copious attention to detail has been paid to all aspects of production: from the “Cat Smile” front tip to the flourish at the rear of the fender, and the butterflies (or lack thereof) detailing the brace attachment. Rolled rod braces of proper width and thickness with cleanly radiused edges are accurately bent to clearance the rockers. Laser-cut brackets are attached to the braces by round-head rivets clenched with properly formed heads. Side valances are formed with the definitive rolled edge that is signature to HD Knucklehead and Flathead fenders, and then are securely spot-welded to the main body. The fork hanger reinforcement plate with divots is embossed and spotted in appropriate locations. Fender body is securely attached to the braces with truss head rivets and clenched with correctly shaped heads. The 3703-36 version, as depicted in the above photos, sports the proper identifying “butterfly” that is spot-welded across the front and rear brace as was the practice for 1936, ‘37, and most of ‘38. There was a running-year change and that detail was subsequently deleted for 1939 and later models.

Replicant Metals and their seasoned subcontractors are proud to supply arguably the finest fender to be offered since the OEM supply was liquidated. 

As always, if your machine deserves the best, you require Replicant Metals. Proudly produced by the finest metals smiths and craftsmen in the galaxy.


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