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As previously promised REPLICANT METALS has now completed five of the eight versions of the 1915-29 exhausts.  We now proudly offer 1915, 1920-21, 1922-23, 1925, 1926-28 and intend to complete the 1916-19 within the next couple months.  The most recently assembled exhaust systems are detailed as engineered by the Harley Davidson Motor Company before the Great Depression.

The 1001-15, one year only system for 1915 sports the internal-pipe exhaust “DIVERTER” plate in the muffler.  It is foot controlled with a lever, spring and bullet locator mechanism that also indexes the precise exit path of the slash cut tailpipe.  This allows exhaust gasses to bypass the baffles and exit more rapidly for increased power during country cruising.

1001-16 system for 1916-19 will be completed in the next few months and is very similar to 1001-15 model with diverter, but has an improved 1001-20 version tailpipe.

The 1001-20 system for 1920-21 sports the new improved “CUT OUT”, basically a foot operated external port that allows free flow of gasses and virtually eliminates back pressure for more power and speed.  The curved and crooked tailpipe has a plugged and slotted end for a diffused and directional effect for city operation.

The 1001-22 system for 1922-23 differs slightly from 1001-20 due majorly to the redesigned straight tailpipe.  It features the same cutout, same plugged and slit tail pipe, but imparts a distinctly different look as it bypasses the rear stand.

All 3 NEW exhaust systems offered by REPLICANT METALS are correct gauge metal formed with techniques similar to those HD used.  The through bolt attaches the end caps to the main body, and the “Y” collector tube is cast from steel and accurately machined to thread onto tailpipe securing the complete assembly.  Muffler canisters can be completely disassembled for carbon removal and returned to service as originally engineered.  Header pipes are formed from seamless tubing and properly flared to connect as intended to exhaust nipples on cylinder.

All exhaust systems are delivered in raw steel so you may choose your preference of final finish.  You may find small areas of surface rust from handling and humidity and manufacturing oils.  As standard operating procedure all parts will need to be thoroughly sanitized and abraded before paint application.

As always, if your machine deserves the best you require Replicant Metals. Proudly produced by the finest metal smiths on the planet. 


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